Home Automation System | Smart Home Automation in Pune

At Ozel Homes along with our partners Mahavir Sound Room, we deal in high-end home automation which redefines the way in which a home is controlled with comfort and ease, where everything can be controlled with just a click on the keypad.

So with just a touch on the keypad you can easily adjust the security systems, temperature, lightning, curtains, windows and doors of your home. This automation is accompanied by aesthetically designed keypads and consoles that reflect your lifestyle.

HIGH END HOME AUTOMATION CAN BE DEFINED AS A FULLY INTEGRATED SOLUTION WHICH INCLUDES SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY, smart home devices, a smart home app and above all a seamless smart home installation. Furthermore it may substitute your ‘building automation system’ or ‘bungalow automation.

Brands we recommend:-

Casa Digi

Casa Digi – This is a unique residential based automation platform which is made to revolutionize the world of bespoke home automation. This tool is sophisticated in technology with a comprehensive interface and powerful in terms of performance. The same software installed in Armani and Address hotels in Dubai can now be the interface at your home to personalize every moment of your day, from the minute you wake up to locking up at night.


Crestron – The right kind of technology for your home, world leaders in control and automation systems. Their purpose is utilizing complex engineering to make everyday life simple. Creston is the only company that provides a full spectrum of home automation solutions from lighting and shades through to security and climate control. This technology is engineered to work intelligently together which results in a highly personalised and worry free system.


Tense is a Belgian designer and manufacturer of elegant design switches, room controllers with OLED display and motion detectors. With a huge variety in designs a nd style, you can either make your switches blend in or stand out as decor element.

Home Automation System | Smart Home Automation in Pune